Easy to Build & Integrate

Manage the entire insurance life cycle, from application to cancellation,
while remaining in full control over sensitive data.


Connect with customers in new ways with centralized policy management and sales.


Easily participate in one or more carrier networks for streamlined and secure transactions.


Shop for coverages in one location, creating a common entry point into the insurance market.

Third Parties

Allow third parties to confirm coverage and participate in carrier networks securely.

Streamline Your Entire Operation


The Polixia Workbench allows companies to build feature-rich, ready-to-run, enterprise-grade web applications for the financial services industry.

Build, Upload & Run

Using our low-code development process, easily construct powerful web applications in one step. Just build it then run it!


Fewer lines of code means faster processing and fewer bugs in demanding high-volume, high-security data environments.


Design your solution and instantly have it working across platforms and participants for streamlined system interactions.

Automate Processes

Our smart contracts let you streamline complex business processes and automate them across your enterprise.



The Polixia Dashboard is a powerful tool that allows companies to streamline their business process and legacy data access.

Policy-Centric View

Get a complete 360° view of every policy in your system with our innovative, policy-centric functionality and design.

Web-Based Access

As feature-rich as custom client software, Polixia's web-based access is tailored to handle complex business requirements.

Easy to Integrate

The Polixia Dashboard creates a window into your existing legacy data without the need for complex data migration.

Easy to Collaborate

Give your employees access to the entire policy lifecycle and improve collaboration and business outcome.


The Consumer experience includes mobile and desktop end-points that allow for rich policy management, secure storage of customer data, and advanced cross-carrier platform capabilities.


Consumers can manage all aspects of their insurance policies in one place, and be notified when a policy needs attention.


Sell to your customers directly, or through a broker. Be there for your customers and capitalize on cross-selling opportunities.

Universal ID

This is the last Insurance application consumers will fill out — and, it's secure! Only you and your customers have access to their data.


Preserve the unique client relationship brokers have and allow them access to sell your products through the PolicyStore.

Everything You Need — All In One System

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